How To Become A Best Selling Insurance Adviser - Updated Edition

Get A Career Boost & Earn More Money Through Successful Insurance Brokering


I have received dozen inquires recently by readers wanting to know how I could become successful in selling insurances and pension schemes with no previous experience. is a boutique place where successful and experienced professionals share valuable insights and vital success stories for anybody seeking life improvements and a more rewarding future so I decided to answer your question. Below article explains some of my key strategies in order to become a top selling insurance adviser. Happy Reading!

What did I sell and what did the client get?

According to my professional Linkedin profile, I have been working at Swedens' largest insurance firm where I was offering the consumer market health insurance, accident insurance, home insurance, pension schemes, as well as insurances for vehicles, light yachts and pets. The insurance business implies a transfer of financial risk to the insurance firm, in case of an accident, and money is paid the insurance holder for damages occurred, or the inability to work as a result of an injury.

Insurance firms know that approximately 90% of customers consist of a group with low or few payment claims, while, the 10% imply larger expenses on-behalf of the insurance firm. Hence, the insurance business is a very profitable business, and very similar to the Forex brokering business or online casino business. The worlds' most famous investor Mr Warren Buffet has a big interest of investing in insurance firms due to the conditions of steady revenues regardless of recessions, and the fact a majority of the policy holders seldom or never claim refunds from the insurance firm.

In addition, by offering insurances, you actually sell the client a comfortable sleep knowing there is a financial backup in case of a damage, burglary, illness or severe accident!

Why is it important to succeed by selling insurances?

Selling insurances with top results show a strong aptitude of persuading customers together with the capability to clearly communicate financial products, on top of an excellent phone manner. It also illustrates your ability to gain client satisfaction and client confidence, especially since several companies conduct client polls on a regular basis. I have printed evidence that I received 100% customer satisfaction during my time as insurance adviser including exceeded sales targets.

Therefore, I believe the information in this chapter can help you as well to a more rewarding future and I would be delighted to hear your story and business progress. These gained sales skills are further transferable into other in-house selling positions, and they are also valuable to anyone seeking a job in the stressful but lucrative recruitment business, or, if you are thinking of starting your own business.

Another reason for becoming a top selling insurance adviser is also the fact you can earn some really good money and reinvest the capital in the stock market. You can also place your hard earned money for long term investments as you may want to by a house, car, or save for your kids' future college fees.

What is required to become a top selling insurance adviser?

Be curious and ready to work hard! What I did to speed-up my learning curve included fake calls on my spare-time to other insurance firms pretending to become a customer and bombarding them with specific and detailed questions about their insurance policies. I also sat down at the office and listened to live calls by one of our success colleagues and learned the talk and the optimal way of working in order to become a top selling adviser. One of the heroes in that insurance firm was a 60 year old lady (and active golf player), and she was extremely efficient in talking with the customers meantime managing print-outs and envelopes at the speed of a “Ferrari” as well as taking parallel incoming calls with the promise of calling back in a few minutes (which she always did!).

It's also helpful if there is an easy to use client management tool with as few required clicks as possible, because while being on the phone with a lead or customer, you wanna go through all steps in selecting and closing an insurance deal in order to quickly move on to the next incoming client call. It's also beneficial if there is an effective PR department, which in our case applied the tactic of triggering an immediate client need to call the office and get more information after having sent the unclear statement of “a change has been done in your invoice please contact us for more information”.

Another thing I did to speed-up my learning curve was to print all insurance material available and study every paper on my spare-time in order to understand what I had to know when talking with a client, and how to find information quickly if a client would ask something I did not know! Never come across as someone not knowing and not willing to find the answer for a customer. This behavior does not create client confidence at all. I also became best friend with one of the seniors, a gentleman acting as the human library having answers more or less on all questions according to his 30 years of experience in the insurance business.

Another key point in order to succeed with selling pension schemes, is, of course, to learn the financial markets. Talk about hot stories, and get into the discussion of getting a face-to-face review for long term savings. We received bonus points for selling those client meetings face-to-face and that was the easiest thing I could ever do due to my financial background ab passion for the stock market. I could hit the sales targets with over 100% in 1 day and keep it in that way for months. But as we worked with capped commissions you stop selling these schemes until entering a new month starting from zero with your new monthly bonus targets.

When selling pension schemes or long term savings, paint the big picture, and ask the client if they have plans to invest for the long term, what, and how much. Give an example of what 100 USD investments per month in 20 years could mean to the customer. I often spoke about the annual average index return last 90 years of some 9-10% and added an interest rate calculator to the discussions which helped me to convince to a face-to-face meeting and discussion with firms' licensed experts of long-term savings.

Feel free to go online and Google compounded interest calculator and you can use tools such as for the calculations. One example could be that 1,200 yearly investments with 9% annual return over 10 years would yield 19,872 USD. But don't promise anything as you can get sacked and get into big legal trouble! The 9% is just an average index return last 90 years, and is fairly good considering two world-wars, the Kruger crash, dotcom collapse, oil price crash and other major financial market collapses last century.

Moreover, these financial products can be sold in a matter of minutes over the phone, and has a very short sales cycle, where you as a seller control the entire sales chain including the opening, to solve a client inquiry, and move on to needs analysis, negotiations and closing. This makes it easier to stand-out and show your TRUE sales ability as no one else is involved in this particular sales process.

You are welcome to ask me questions if you would like to know more about becoming a successful sales professional.

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