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Bryan Noble is a frequent speaker for famous brokers such as IG markets meets with one of Ireland's top trader and former hedge fund manager, Mr Bryan Noble  


The founder of, Antonios Papadimitriou, met with Bryan Noble in December 2016 to discuss a selection of Bryan's trading tactics and market outlook. In meeting such an interesting success trader, what could be better than gathering together at the very prestigious five star hotel "the Westin" over a brunch, in a very relaxing and medieval environment, in the heart of Ireland, Dublin. is a boutique business blog with the aim of helping individuals to better utilise the lucrative combination of technology and finance in order to add an extra income online, and, Businesslynch further provides business success stories and digital tactics, for anyone seeking a more rewarding future/career. 

Questions asked during the interview included:

1. Who is Bryan & what do you do?

2. What do you trade and for how long time?

3. How can you help other people get started to trade and increase their chances of trading success and to make money?

4. What technical indicators do you often use in your trades and what is your preferred time frame?

Bryan was working at BNP Paribas in 1982-1994 and he has also developed and managed a hedge fund, as well as, he has the experience of working at a derivative desk, according to his introduction. He also received Irish gov. tax funds, and decided to trade independently since 2006, and Bryan's business includes a trading website and subscription service, viewed on

Bryan primarily focuses on 9 contracts, in 9 markets, including SP500, EURUSD, 10 year German Bond, Gold, Silver, DAX, FTSE, Dollar index and the Dow index. He further claims to have achieved 1900 points profits on a monthly basis, and he is primarily focused on day trading. His daily routine includes to spend 2-3 hours preparing his daily view of the market aimed at his subscribers and he seems to be making just a handful trades per day spending most of his time away from the trading charts.

Some of Bryan's best trades include silver going from 1450 up to the peak in July, 2016 at around 2000 and he has placed some of his pension money in silver due to actual market conditions and suggested increase in demand. Bryan is also in favor of the McClellan oscillator but he also uses the Bollinger Band, William index, and RSI occasionally, and mostly trades on a daily chart. Antonios asked why Bryan is not flipping between time frames as that of many other traders in searching for the least risky entry point, but Bryan confirms this would just give him distortion and unnecessary market noise. 

Bryan further anticipates a big crash coming up with estimated collapse of the SP500 with up to 50% of actual level due to an overvalued market. A more realistic price is suggested at 1635, but actual SP500 level also reflects positive (and perhaps overly optimistic) expected results of the new measures as promised by Donald Trump (corporate tax cuts & boost in infrastructure spending). 

Through a mutual agreement Antonios got the opportunity to read Bryan's 13 January daily market letter, published here and Antonios confirms there is a high level of experience and brain power, in Bryan's technical analysis with reliable and realistic stop losses, and take profit levels on top of a well thought fundamental view which saves the trader valuable time and also minimizes the risk of trading failure.  

Below are the intraday comments sent by Bryan on the 13 of January 2017, being two examples of what you could expect to get when subscribing for a platinum membership on  

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