How top business professionals stand-out

Having trained approximately 700 professionals and students last 18 years in topics such as management communication, public speaking and project management, I got to understand what makes a top candidate. (The 20% that stands for 80% of the results)

Below findings highlight 11 typical signs of highly successful students and business professionals:

1. They are driven, and often run a hobby business such as online merchandising.

2. They maintain a positive attitude and a positive mentality in good and tough moments.

3. They are physically fit and know how to maintain a healthy diet for maximal energy.

4. They often sit closer to the instructor (in front of the class).

4. They ask questions orally or in written form.

5. They understand the importance of team work and how to take advantage of different backgrounds and skills.

6. They arrive on time in-class and they often get to the office 1-2 hours earlier than peers.

7. They understand that smart work, hard work, consistency and planning of daily and weekly schedules lead to study and career success.

8. They know how to quickly use Google and business databases to find answers on in real life business scenarios.

9. They now how to quickly find answers on questions in academic literature.

10. They listen to instructors' business and career advice and know how to apply them.

11. They take a lot of notes during classes and they participate actively in discussions.

Take this into account if you seek to become a career success. Welcome to contact me for management communication training and business lecturing at global standard.

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