Effective leadership: Video & comments

It's time to stop wasting tangible/intangible assets. 

Check this interesting video about effective leadership by Case Western Reserve University.  

Video citation: "50% of people in leadership positions are not adding value". "70-80% of people in management can be removed from their role, and the organisation will function more smoothly". "People we are exposed to most of the time day to day, are not good at it. Who do you emulate, fit-in, in trying to do a good job? This is another statement supporting my earlier blogs and social media blasts that several enterprises need to rethink who they promote and how they utilise financial and human resources. Reshuffle more often to get best match between skills, knowledge and interest - in order to generate optimised business results?.

Comment: One common issue is that many managers don't want to reshuffle among resources (cross-team) because they are putting self-interests before the common good of the enterprise. It also came to my knowledge that an IT blue-chip wasted over 150Mn USD when dissatisfied employees left the business within 1 year. Key reasons included: lack of a clear career path, a dry pipeline and no willingness of management to listen and take actions. Other reasons include not being able to use a candidates' full potential in a more suitable role for maximised results: It's madness, it's devastating but it is a never ending drama.  

Vice presidents agreed with the project executive that people shall be used in roles within the business were both parties contributed with mutual satisfaction and optimised results. Rotten management were against cross-team moves, and HR was just protecting her own back in order to not come across as weak or incompetent. By the way, one of the major shareholders just sold a larger part of his shares in that firm, and the stock price has plunged so the business is facing a crisis. At the same time, the CEO talks about their promising new technology, innovations and strategic imperatives, but very little about the internal crisis, and why so many people leave the business, and very little is being said what do to about it. 

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