Why recruiters fail to hire in the 21st century

This is your European and east Asian expat voice speaking from the sunset of beautiful and warm Xiamen, just opposite to Taiwan. What are you up to these days?

I gonna be rough for a moment: are you using the Internet solely for self-pleasure and greed, or, to make the world a better place to be? How can you do the latter? Think about it and STOP procrastinating! Share ideas, experiences and knowledge? Share tips of how to ‘win’ or just feel awesome? Collect funds for children charities? Create an App that leads to jobs for individuals, just like GRAB and UBER? 

We can use the Internet to get together and make lives better, or to separate and isolate ourselves from the reality. We live at the best of times with information and transactions available 24/7/365, world-wide, but I see selfishness, greed and arrogance growing like the biggest cancer. Humans are smart and stupid at the same time. What other “beings” on the planet creates resources that can lead to the final end of our lives? The animals? No way. Humans? Yes.

But there are of course good spots on this planet, just like with anything else, despite the fact good people is hard to find these days. The honest, good, and helpful people; those who help without immediately asking for things in return often seems to be 'gone in darkness'. Those who are willing to help others they never knew before. Good people in my view are those who ACTIVELY work for something ‘valuable’ for others and their families. Like starting and running a school for poor kids. And those who are ACTIVELY involved in businesses that make people’s lives better such as; better education for teenage learners and adults.    

HR thoughts 

This blog tells you why so many recruiters fail to make a business better by not being able to hire good candidates; the fit for purpose. I got the information by talking with dozens of senior managers and recruiters recently, and I am adding my own experiences. These include hiring, interviewing and developing people in previous roles such as: HR manager, recruiter, operations manager, and, founder. Google the phrase ‘hiring failure and corporate loss’ or similar phrases, and statistics tell you the financial burden of a damaged brand that can be reality by HR mistakes in the 21st century.

  • Many recruiters fail to read behind the lines in a CV. The best recruiters who have worked in a position that is to be filled, knows what it takes to be a success in that position. They are also able to ask specific industry and function based questions; they know when a hidden talent is on the table.
  • Few recruiters ask a candidate “what would make them move away from existing position”, followed by spending time with the hiring manager negotiating a contract deal. Today everything seems to be about unrealistic targets and volume based CVs. Little about candidate quality and hidden talents. Yet so many recruiters complain about not being able to find the right candidates.  
  • Stop looking for gaps and inconsistencies in a CV. We all needed a career break at some point, or to ‘test the water’ to find our passion in life, our big purpose and mission. That "rally" can look like a bomb field on a CV with interruptions and quick career changes, and jobs lasting for a short period of time; like a dark and dirty brothel with spooky ‘come and go clients’. So creepy! So nasty. But you suck! Because they only thing you care about are inconsistencies and CV gaps and perfect CV headings. And most of our references are made up but you don't get it. You recruiter probably suck like the sexiest whore on the planet. I am brave like Stephen King using dirty words at times.  
  • When Steve Jobs got his first job as night shift technician, he jumped up on the table of the recruiter and refused to leave the room! He wanted to get hired! And he smelled like shit according to his biography, so they had to put him on a night shift. But his passion for technology was like a shining star, light years away from the earth. Be brave and hire the craziest one, from time to time. Don’t just aim for the same minds, same ethnicity, same skin color, same CV fit, or same family backgrounds.    
  • Best teams are mixed from all over the planet, but few wants to take the 'board fight' and implement this mindset in the HR plan.
  • The best recruiters I experienced are very good at understanding people’s TRUE intention for a new job. NOT what they are saying, but why, and what they actually want to achieve in the next 3 years.
  • Go online and find candidates in social media on your spare-time, BESIDES your online ads. I did this recently; I found a Principal who was interested in our American institution after my “sales talks”. I HELPED him to form a CV with a cover letter that included the candidates’ answers on specific situational based questions I knew were crucial. He showed his understanding of the business and how to run the business; as a result, my big boss in Hong Kong liked his application and wanted to hire him. Go online and become an HR recourse for candidates who do not actively look for a job. Be helpful!
  • Don’t think that a candidate with +20 years of experience is ultimately ‘better’ than a more junior candidate. Smart, and less experienced employees KNOW WHERE TO FIND THE INFORMATION. Best project managers don’t need to know everything. BUT THEY NEED TO KNOW WHO IS SITTING ON THE ANSWERS.   

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