Become a confident and convincing public speaker & presenter with MarcAnthonyTM & Partners

Did you know that the fear of speaking in public is bigger than the fear of death? Did you know that what you say is least important in the context of a public speak? Join us today and improve your public speaking skills! 

What makes us unique? 

We offer training that make you a confident and international public speaker. Our teachers have gained at least 10 years experiences in public speaking and in presenting in front of decision makers and corporations world-wide.  

Our teachers have at least 1 Master's degree from an English speaking country and they exhibit talents, awarded bursary and strong corporate results in the field of public speaking. This is our student's quality assurance, and this ensures that our students get latest know-how and international knowledge when seeking to become respected and successful global citizens.   

Our program

This course is available: 3 days, full-time, or 6 days, part-time. The course includes plenty of open discussions, video analysis, and useful group presentations. 

Price per participant: 5,000 RMB. Max 16 participants at the time per class. Smaller classes imply more teaching time per student for a faster learning curve and optimised results. 

We offer tailored material to help you succeed in your private life as well as in business. We handpick information that correspond with your needs and interests, and we want you to become a convincing and confident public speaker!  

Early bird offer: Sign-up before end of July 2018, and get 50% discounts. 

Day 1.

  • Choose a topic
  • Create credibility
  • Use of supporting evidence
  • Avoid fallacies
  • Prepare your speech
  • Deliver your speech
  • Organize your speech in general (main idea, introduction, body, conclusion)
  • Present your first speech (commemorative speech)
  • Group assessment and discussion

Day 2

  • Key learning from first day
  • Organize your informative speech
  • Video analysis with group discussions
  • Text analysis with group discussions
  • Deliver your informative speech
  • Group assessment and discussion

Day 3

  • Key learning from second day
  • Organize your persuasive speech
  • Video analysis with group discussions
  • Text analysis with group discussions
  • Deliver your persuasive speech
  • Group assessment and discussion
  • Diploma celebration with dinner

Get in touch 

Contact us today for more information or sign-up your interest: or call: 0086 150 603 80 615 (Chinese speaker) or 0086 159 59 22 1857 (English speaker)   

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