Below courses are available for university programs, corporations and private and-to-one training.

Flexibility: Our private students are offered maximal flexibility in terms of study time, and place. Courses are offered at students premises, or, on Huiwen road 87, behind Robinson’s mall. Time and date are arranged according to students personal schedule and needs. 1 to 2 sessions per week is advised and one session lasts for 1-2 hours depending on student progress.

MBA Masters’ training

  • What you learn: How to write academic master thesis and master assignments according to British-American standards and how to prepare and present information convincingly. You will learn to think strategically, and to reason about real case business scenarios. You will understand how to build a business and how to grow a business.
  • Topics covered: Business strategy, business planning, entrepreneurship, leadership, project management, marketing strategies, growth strategies, international expansion, portfolio analysis, corporate strategy business unit strategy.
  • Learning method: Classroom training and homework with preparations. In-class activities cover discussions and clarifications of business theories and concepts and how to apply these in business. Each week, the student is given a set of preparation tasks that must be done before joining classroom discussions.

Business English

  • What you learn: You learn more than 20 vital English business topics to be able to communicate with international customers and colleagues. Pronunciation, writing, reading, listening and speaking skills are covered. You learn how to find business data, and how to interpret it and discuss it and you improve your ability to reason, think critically, with enhanced creativity skills.
  • Topics covered: Presentation skills, globalization, marketing and sales, negotiations, customer satisfaction, managing people, corporate strategy and structure, marketing, operations management, human resources, accounting and financial statements, social English, politeness, agree and disagree, present facts, figures, tables and graphs. British-American standards.
  • Learning method: Classroom activities and homework. The student is expected to always complete the preparation work before entering a class. In-class activities includes 80% student speaking time, and the teacher carefully monitor students language proficiency. Video discussions, grammar activities, writing tasks, presentation exercises and role plays are covered.

Project management

  • What you learn: You learn how to plan projects with latest project tools and techniques, and you learn what enables project success and project failure. Project management leadership characteristics are discussed and project pitfalls are examined with possible solutions.
  • Topics covered: PMI project management; PRINCE2 project management, Agile project management, risk management, project scope, business case, real case scenario, present a project plan.
  • Learning method: Classroom discussions, real case scenarios, academic literature studies, analysis of project problems and solutions. Assignments and presentation included.

Public speaking

  • What you learn: You learn how to effectively plan a public speak and how to adapt your speaking strategy depending on the audience’s background, age, needs and education. You learn how to convey a message effectively and how to persuade an audience.
  • Topics covered: Find your topic, methods of persuasion, speaking to inform, speaking to persuade, gather materials, support ideas, use visual aids, analyze the audience, presentation layout and structure.
  • Learning method: Self-studies, round table discussions, video analysis, case studies, group work, practice presentations.

Management communication

  • What you learn: You improve your management and communication skills that leads to effective teams, less misunderstandings and enhanced productivity.
  • Topics covered: Effective leadership, emotional intelligence, manage conflicts, build effective teams, solve problems, manage personal stress, employee communication, client communication, shareholder communication.
  • Learning method: Case studies, self-learning, round table discussions, group work, assignments, presentations.

Notice: up to 4 students may join each class. The size is kept at minimum to ensure optimal student learning. 1 session lasts for approximately 1.5 hours.

1-to-1 private training: prices

MBA preparation training: 500 RMB per hour

Business English: 400 RMB per hour

Project Management: 400 RMB per hour

Public Speaking: 400 RMB per hour

Management Communication: 400 RMB per hour

Daily English: 300 RMB per hour

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Public speaking 

Leadership & management

Business strategy and planning


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