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Originally posted: February 07, 2017

The Guru Profiled: Tony Robbins

Below article sheds some light into how famous Anthony Robbins has helped other people achieve additional success and happiness in life; A must read for anyone seeking life improvements!


There is a strong chance you would have heard about or at least seen the name Tony Robbins, online or offline. Tony Robbins is the leading self-help guru of his generation, focusing on empowering people and providing the tips and information they need to lead better lives. Today, he is well-known as a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist, in addition to his area of expertise. So, why should you listen to what Mr. Robbins says?

Who is Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins’ personal story is one of hope and inspiration. He does not come from a privileged background. In fact, he didn’t get the chance to go to college and at that time was actually working as a janitor. His struggles in life are what inspired him to help others, and so far he has inspired and empowered hundreds of thousands of people through his seminars, webinars, books, and other programs. He started his career promoting Jim Rohn, the leading motivational speaker of his time.

Over time, Robbins taught himself the art of self-help. This included learning to walk on coals, which he later incorporated into his seminars. If you are familiar with his work, you would know that he makes people walk on coals, and perform other stunts, such as skydiving. Through his teachings, people are able to overcome their fears and move ahead in life. And this is exactly the reason why Tony Robbins is the ideal choice to have as a personal guru. By learning from his works, you can take your life to the next level and make a real push towards achieving your goals and dreams.

Though the man himself says, ‘I am Not Your Guru’, he has provided advice to presidents, celebrities, and top athletes. Some of the people who have sought his advice over the years include Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey. Surely, his caliber is evident and if he can help people who are already successful in life, he can help you turn your life around and make positive changes.

You only need to perform a Google search to come across the hundreds of thousands of people who Tony Robbins has helped over the years. Most people are happy to attribute the success they have achieved thus far in life to him and to the techniques that he taught them. Therefore, if you find yourself stuck in a rut, crippled by fear, or lacking the motivation to move ahead, you can take a chance on Tony Robbins. In one way or another, he will give you the push you need to change your life and your perspective, in the process gaining the knowledge that will help you become a winner.

Celebs Tony Has Helped

As mentioned above, Tony Robbins is a self-help guru for several celebrities across the world. Some of his prominent clients’ have been:

Hugh Jackman

Australian actor Hugh Jackman is a well-known Hollywood star, known as Wolverine from the X-Men series. Despite his success, Jackman was plagued by anxiety and fear when offered a role in the movie adaptation of the popular musical Les Miserables. During this time, Jackman reached out to Tony for counseling and he helped him overcome his hesitation. Jackman played the role to great acclaim and was even nominated for an Oscar for the movie.

Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. A winner of 8 Grand Slams, Agassi has hailed Tony Robbins as the ‘Ultimate Life Coach’, after he helped him excel at his sport. Despite being at the top of his game, Agassi felt he lacked something and Tony guided him in the right direction. Before he came into contact with Tony, Agassi was ranked 126th in the world. And now he’s considered a legend!

Leonardo DiCaprio

Though DiCaprio himself has never talked openly about his experience of working with Tony and how he helped him, there is little doubt that the guru had an impact on him. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest actors of his generation and a bona fide movie star but even he felt the need to consult Tony Robbins. Despite being passed over several times, DiCaprio finally managed to win an Oscar for his role in The Revenant just last year.

Serena Williams

Injuries are part and parcel of a career in sports. Sometimes, injured athletes find it hard to motivate themselves to keep training when injured and thus are unable to make a strong comeback. In Serena’s case, she turned to Tony to help her through that phase. The difference is there for all to see, with Serena well on her way to becoming the greatest female tennis player of all time.

Bill Clinton

Yes, even the most powerful man in the world can at times need some guidance. Bill Clinton, during his terms as president, sought the help of Tony Robbins when faced with major decisions that would impact not only the US but the future of the world. Mr. Robbins was there to help and as a result, Mr. Clinton enjoyed a fairly successful tenure as president.

5 Things Tony Robbins Can Teach You

The reason why Tony Robbins is the ideal role model you should follow is that he not only talks the talk, he has personally walked the walk and the results are there for all to see. Tony Robbins has dedicated his life to empowering people and encouraging them to make changes to improve their lives. In the process, he has become wealthy and is a leading philanthropist. Here are 5 things you can learn from Tony Robbins and improve your life:

  • The True Meaning of Being Wealthy

As Tony Robbins puts it, being wealthy doesn’t mean you have a ton of money. His idea is that people want money so they can buy whatever they need and in the process, develop a feeling of freedom. With no constraints, you are bound to feel more content. However, even some billionaires don’t have any freedom. They have to be at the beck and call of the hands that feed them, i.e. the corporations and organizations they are stakeholders in. Some of the wealthiest people in the world cannot even take a nap without someone panicking about it.

According to Tony, you should calculate the amount of money you need for maintaining your lifestyle at a certain standard. Then, you should plan how to reach that level. Don’t just blindly chase money. You may get rich but might lose your peace and control over your life.

  • Understand Your Needs

Tony Robbins always preaches creating value for others and has revealed that as the secret to his success. In order to do this, you have to understand your needs and fulfill them. Robbins has outlined six basic needs each person has:

  1. The feeling of security
  2. Having some fun
  3. To be perceived as making a difference
  4. To love and be loved
  5. Constant growth
  6. Giving back
  • Live Life in the Fast Lane

No, this doesn’t mean you run yourself ragged chasing your dreams, but you should realize that you are on earth for a definite time. People generally plan their lives assuming they will live till 80. According to Tony, this isn’t often the case. You have to make quick decisions and act on them quickly in order to achieve your goals. Otherwise, you will be left with too little time to do too much and as a result, will not be able to get where you want to be.

  • Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut

The secret to happiness in life is not money, but rather being creative. If you keep creating and keep thinking outside the box, you can avoid getting stuck in a rut. Constant growth is a human need and to achieve that, you have to keep moving forward. Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in the 9 to 5 grind. Most people working for someone feel this at some point in their lives. The key to dealing with it is making the most of what life has given you.

  • Keep Giving

Last, but not the least, you have to keep giving back. If you make more money, you should use it to improve your life, not make money. Most people assume that if they make $75,000 a year, they would be able to afford a decent lifestyle. However, what they should do instead is invest their money in ways to buy more time so they can pursue the hobbies and endeavors they are passionate about. You can also invest in others. According to Robbins, the more you invest in others, the more you will reap as rewards.

By Anthony Eric

Anthony Eric brings a wealth of knowledge in international business and he has gained 14 years experiences of how to communicate effectively, how to plan and evaluate operations for low risk and faster decision making. Anthony has been trained by international institutes in the USA, the UK, Ireland and Sweden and he provides business training and communication training for clients in business, and for clients who aim at succeeding in business. His expertise covers leadership, management communication, business planning and sales management. He currently holds an MBA (England) and BSc Engineering (Sweden) and he has gained 21st century skills and knowledge at global leading institutions such as: The British government, Deloitte, IBM, TietoEnator, Ericsson, Consulting firm Semcon, The Open University, King’s College London, Manchester Business School, The University of Birmingham, Royal Institute of Technology KTH and Harvard University in alliance with IBM Leadership Academy. Anthony is the author of the e-book project management success, available on

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