Learn English Effectively & Quickly

Prepared: 17 September 2018.

Place: Hong Kong

This is a student guide about how to learn English quickly and effectively. This article has been prepared by Anthony Eric and is aimed at mature students or, anyone who seek a successful career.

First and foremost; to make massive progress requires massive intensity and efforts. You don’t win 100m hurdles by exercising, 1 hour, 3 times per week. Everyday is a must. Show commitment. Get determination. Have fun at the same time. Passion for English is required in order to maintain energy and determination, but how do you get passion? One way is through engaging and well planned classes, and by getting continuous feedback from skilled and experienced teachers. Another way is to set personal goals and and a future vision. Remember that strong English open doors in many parts of the developed world. Strong English skills enable global online studies, and to get a job in global corporations with better working conditions and higher salaries. Why not working in Singapore or the USA after your graduation? Internet is packed with online training, and online jobs should this be of an interest. Why not starting to date a foreign prince/princess and get life happiness through long lasting love? Strong English skills make your life happier and more rewarding. But you need to put required efforts to make it happen.


Carry your iPod everywhere. Listen to your favorite topics, and listen to series, movies, news and free documentaries. But don’t listen to everything you come across online; you will get tired and you may lose motivation. Narrow your search on topics of your interest. Do you love cooking? Travelling? Listening and note taking are useful methodologies when seeking to learn English effectively. SoundCloud (https://soundcloud.com) is a good start, as well as YouTube.


The internet is packed with sites covering your favorite topic. Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ include blog and articles written by field experts. Learn to ‘Google’ effectively by using “Boolean” search techniques. Although Baidu is big in China, Google is universal. It includes everything you will possible need, and from all parts of the world. Example with Boolean search techniques:  https://library.vvc.edu/welcome/boolean

I love philosophy, history, and biography and I usually find these books online on Amazon kindle. Google scholar or Jstore often include academic reports covering your areas of interest. I use Kindle App on my smartphone and I download electronic books from Amazon. I can read these on my tablet and smartphone ‘on the go’. It keeps me updated, effective and I learn new things. You should too.  Read, listen and speak English everyday. Write comprehensive blogs or articles at least once per week.


Ask your teacher to get writing homework with clear and specific feedback. Another possibility is to find local texts of your choice, and in your area of interest, and translate them into English. Turn the page and translate it back into the original language. How much does it deviate? Where is your weakness? Ask for more exercises in weaker areas. A third way to boost your writing skills is to find forums online and talk with like minded people. Internet is a perfect place to find friends and to read, listen and write.  


Find foreigners in expat communities, or seek private speaking tutorials. Arrange with speaking activities at school. Speak as much as you can, with your friends, teachers, and people you never met before. Take a part-time work as a tourist guide and help people to find their way, or offer Chinese language lessons, or other services to foreigners in exchange of getting more time to speak English. Why not use WeChat or Skype to speak with a foreigner on your spare-time? With today’s technology, there are no excuses of not being able to find a foreigner and speak English.

In-class and outside the classroom

Be active, and take notes and photos of teacher’s notes in-class. Ask questions and make sure you understand the concept being taught. An active brain with full of energy is a productive brain. Don’t forget to rest at least 7 hours per day, and eat plenty of healthy food. Our body needs fruits and vegetables, every day and at least 2.5 liters of water. I eat more chicken and fish than pork and beef. The former keep me lighter and more energetic. Exercise as much as you can. A healthy lifestyle keeps your motivation and energy level at the top, and you need it in tough times. I used to run 3 times per week, at 10 PM, in England, even though it was snowing! A 30 min break gave me energy, and unpredictable power to keep going with hard, full-time MBA studies in the UK. And don’t skip your breakfast; that is one of the most important meals of the day. I also used to take a nap of 40 min, between 5:30-6:30 PM every day while being an MBA student in the UK. And as a result of hard work, and determination to win, I was awarded bursary for outstanding research results. You can do this too. And I am here to motivate you and help you forward in your life.  

Useful groups and links

Toastmasters http://www.toastmasters.org/Find-a-Club/01344656-vietnam-toastmasters-club

Find speaking groups on Facebook  

Meet foreigners on Meetup.com

Professional networking: www.Internations.org and www.linkedin.com

Visit exhibition centers and trade shows and learn the art of connecting with aliens.

Visit business events by the European chamber of commerce, the US Chamber (Amcham) or similar (check their websites)

Useful links:







Free online courses by King’s College London https://www.class-central.com/university/kcl

Study online at top universities such as Harvard and Stanford



Learn about trendy topics on TedTalks https://www.ted.com/talks  

Anthony Eric brings a wealth of knowledge in international business and he has gained 14 years experiences of how to communicate effectively, how to plan and evaluate operations for low risk and faster decision making. Anthony has been trained by international institutes in the USA, the UK, Ireland and Sweden and he provides business training and communication training for clients in business, and for clients who aim at succeeding in business. His expertise covers leadership, management communication, business planning and sales management. He currently holds an MBA (England) and BSc Engineering (Sweden) and he has gained 21st century skills and knowledge at global leading institutions such as: The British government, Deloitte, IBM, TietoEnator, Ericsson, Consulting firm Semcon, The Open University, King’s College London, Manchester Business School, The University of Birmingham, Royal Institute of Technology KTH and Harvard University in alliance with IBM Leadership Academy. Anthony is the author of the e-book project management success, available on amazon.com.

Copyright (C) 2018. Anthony Eric by Antonios Papadimitriou. All Rights Reserved.

Anthony Eric

Written by: Anthony Eric 

Good luck with your studies and future careers!

“A great teacher should inspire, motivate and guide students to a better future.”


Published by Anthony Eric

Teacher and gospel preacher. Far east Asia is my home. I'm originally from north west Europe and with a Greek heritage. I graduated in the UK with an MBA in international business. Following 15 years in the corporate world, I'm at present lecturing at the university in far east Asia, and I'm writing books. I'm in the education and realization phase concerning the salvation, and ever lasting life. Jesus Christ is returning soon. Get ready. Spread the gospel. Repent today and change your attitudes, hearts, and minds and do the will of our father in heaven. Follow my charity project on bit.ly/mae-charity

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