4 top reasons why you should consider 1-to-1 tutoring

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–LEARN FROM THE MASTER. You make role plays directly with the teacher, and, you have conversations 100% of your time with the teacher. You learn from the master, and not from your same level (or lower level) classmates.

–YOUR PROGRESS MATTERS. Your teacher focuses 100% on your needs, progress and weaknesses. This means tailored material and personalised tasks to help you learn more in less time.

–HIGHER MOTIVATION. You avoid topics that are not in your interest and you save time learning what you need to meet your career goals.

–FLEXIBILITY. It is often possible to have training late evenings or early on weekends when most learning centers are closed, and it is often possible to learn in your home which saves time.

–COMPETITION. The job market is getting extremely competitive and it is getting harder to enrol on top university programs and to get top paying jobs. Private tutoring by an industry professional gives you the skills that are needed on the job market to succeed.

How to check the qualities of your private tutor:

–Ask to see his/her CV, written references and university transcripts last 10-15 years.

–Has he/she been working at multinationals (European/American global firms)?

–Did he/she finish recognized universities with top marks?

–Does he/she have dual university degrees or more?

–Has he/she been living, working and studying in more than 3 countries?

–Does he speak at least 3 languages fluently?

Tips: If you want to become a top performing talent you should seek a talent as your private tutor.

Contact me today for tailored business English, management communication and MBA sessions. By professionals – for professionals.
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