How to increase sales on Amazon

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The below article is used as the basis for business English discussions in one of my classes, and it summarizes key points for anyone who seeks increased sales on Amazon.

Social media

If you want to successfully deal with foreign clients; start popular foreign social media accounts such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Online tools including Hootsuite and help you to schedule customer messages and to analyze what people are saying about you online. It is advised that you send 2-3 social media messages per day; choose a time when your target audience is online and understand what channels your target audience prefers. And make sure to reply to customer inquiries and comments that can protect and enhance your brand, and that can help you to get more customers. Adding quality videos on YouTube is another popular way to get customers online. You may want to hire a social media freelancer on or similar site; find a talent who handles client communication, blog writing and marketing messages for you.

Product quality

Whatever you sell online; if your products are frequently returned and if they have unacceptable qualities, client reviews will impact your reputation negatively. Make sure to visit the manufacturer from time to time and investigate the product quality. Out of 1000 produced items, you would want to check 10-20% of the production, regularly.

Increase your online visibility

This can be done by working with brand ambassadors, top site owners; people with popular websites and sites with millions of monthly hits. Get better visibility by writing relevant blogs that your target market wants to read, and produce attractive and fun online videos.

CocaCola did a popular social media gig some time ago, where customers were rewarded for uploading a personalized CocaCola video. This gave Coke free marketing, new sales and millions of new site hits and it was fun at the same time. Make sure your blogs are written with the right keywords and that your sites and videos are SEO optimized. This is full-time work and not something that can be done a few hours per week; you may want to hire an online expert to do the work for you.

Personalized client communication

Use an online chat on your website and direct Amazon customers to your website for purchases. With a high-quality website ( or together with trusted online e-commerce sites (eBay – ) you are likely to get max visibility and more online sales. Analyze the traffic on your website and make sure you collect client emails and that you categorize leads and existing customers with targeted campaigns. Email lists can be generated with effective tools such as or Effective online marketing campaigns can be done by using

Stand out

Customers need to understand what makes you special. How do you promote your business? Does the client understand your value? How are you different? Order now or pay later? 100% money-back guarantee? Customer support 24/7 in 200 languages? Free shipping? Lowest prices on the market? Are your products environmental friendly with material that few other vendors can supply? There must be at least 1 thing that makes you stand out to attract customers.

Get on the top of Amazons’ search list

You need to understand how the algorithm of Amazon works and here is a short and simplified description: Recommendations are fuelled by customer shopping preferences, and past purchases so the first thing to do is to optimise your sales list. Your product title must be relevant and optimised. Make sure you don’t run out of stocks and your price should match competition. Include the most important keywords in the title of your product. Read more on the below link.

Drive and analyze online traffic

Blogging, Adwords, Google analytics, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, blogging, the use of online influencers as well as to measure the results of each marketing campaign are vital tactics to understand your audience and to attract quality traffic to your site. It is crucial to measure marketing money being invested versus achieved site traffic, clicks, inquiries, client chats and orders.

Amazon online rewards

Join Amazon online review reward programs and other marketing campaign tools by Amazon such as sponsored product ads to get better visibility.

Join Amazon FBA fulfillment program: Amazon takes care of storage, delivery to customers, customer service and returns handling. Your orders are shipped and filled even when you are on vacation. You store your products in Amazon fulfillment centers and Amazon provides 24/7 customer service with support for client questions, returns and refunds in local languages worldwide. This leads to improved client satisfaction and more positive reviews that lead to more sales.

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