A birthday message with words of wisdom

(Chinese text below)

I have birthday next week. Hm! Life goes fast, I can tell you that!

Or is this the ”real” life, as we live it today, on earth? Considering everything that is going on today such as social unrest, violent demonstrations, wars, terror, famine, drought, flooding, tsunamis, environmental challenges and social and corporate injustice, I doubt this is the world we were aimed for at the time of the creation.

Sometimes I feel there is something better awaiting us in the next life. Am I getting old? Physically yes, but I feel stronger on the inside and on the outside than ever before. And by listening to people in my surrounding, I look younger than what the papers reveal. As the saying goes: you are only as old as you make it! Numbers don’t decide what you can or cannot do!

Your ethnicity, race and color should not decide what you can and cannot do! And don’t let people tell you about your limitations! Many of these pessimistic and negatively influencing people can’t make it themselves! Equally important is that we should all have a fair chance to pursue with our dreams and to reach happiness and fulfillment in life. And only with hard work, consistency, devotion and a positive mindset that is aligned with God’s will, is everything possible.

Why do some people overly care about age? Remember that our inside, our soul and spirit will live for ever. People who have had a near death experience (and there are plenty of them) can tell you about moving outside the body and seeing people crying over a temporary dead body. Our soul and spirit are ready to leave our body when the time is right.

Think about all famous poets, famous writers, famous philanthropists such as mother Theresa, and famous philosophers who did good deeds while being with us. They are gone from earth and they are now in heaven.

5 years ago, I celebrated my birthday in Ireland, and 10 years ago I celebrated my birthday in Sweden. 9 years ago, I celebrated my birthday in the UK and 2 years ago, it happened in Saigon Vietnam. 20 years ago, I celebrated my birthday in Stockholm, Sweden, and 6 years ago, I celebrated my birthday in Cyprus. I have been living and/or working in many different places which enriched my life tremendously.

What did I learn last 30 years? I learned to listen to wise people which is hard to find these days, and I learned to listen to the elderly: people older than you with successful experiences that can help you get where you want to be. It can be getting success in financial assets, spiritual growth, wisdom, love or a good health. And I learned how to spot the liars, false people, the hypocrites, and the selfish dying spirits. I don’t need them in my life. Neither do you. Unfortunately, the world is full of them.

I also learned a tremendous amount about people’s ambition, struggle, plans and hidden agendas. Hidden agendas that become visible only through deep and personal one-to-one discussions. These are insights I received by being able to travel, live, work and study in many different places including Europe and Asia.

I learned that we are all connected in one way or another, and I learned that I knew very little in the past, and that I still need to learn and improve just as you do. By turning page in my life next week, I am going to devote more assets for charity, and I am going to devote more time for education and gospel studies, and I am going to finish my third book: the divine signs.

I can also admit that one of the best things that happened to me is that Jesus Christ came into my life but only when I truly asked for it. He gave me strength, hope and wisdom and he helped me to enlighten the world; seen in sharing the gospel, knowledge and experiences that come from my private life and the business world that I have been part of. Jesus, the only begotten son of God, is forgiving, and willing to help us to get to the kingdom of heaven, if we truly follow God’s words.

Religion is nothing bad at all; it has always existed. Ancient Greeks, ancient Romans, ancient Hindus, the Jews, and the Indians in south America believe in the divine power and supernatural force. It’s time for us to humble ourselves and accept our limitations, and to be helpful, forgiving, caring and to stop lying and cheating, if this world is going to change for the better. It is time for us to understand the only 1 truth and what makes people deceived and wicked.

As you can understand, my thoughts changed tremendously last 25 years. Insights, wisdom, and experiences came into my life I thought would never ever happen, decades ago. Thank’s God for this life journey. Writing books, teaching, preaching and constantly being on my guard for new knowledge is a passion I have. And I want to share what I know for a better world to come.

These are my ideas and writings for today. I am going to celebrate my birthday next week with a cigar, a dessert, and dinner, and I am going to spend time with friends and my beloved one. I wish you a good week!

And thanks to all of you who came into my life and who gave my life a bigger meaning and a better experience. You are truly amazing!





Published by Anthony Eric

Teacher and gospel preacher. Far east Asia is my home. I'm originally from north west Europe and with a Greek heritage. I graduated in the UK with an MBA in international business. Following 15 years in the corporate world, I'm at present lecturing at the university in far east Asia, and I'm writing books. I'm in the education and realization phase concerning the salvation, and ever lasting life. Jesus Christ is returning soon. Get ready. Spread the gospel. Repent today and change your attitudes, hearts, and minds and do the will of our father in heaven. Follow my charity project on bit.ly/mae-charity

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