What I do in my teaching practices

In my role as writer, professional trainer and university lecturer, I’ve designed various Business and English manuals in order to provide my students with best possible learning; effectively and efficiently. By keeping in mind my clients’ needs, as well as, by combining material from diverse sources, I not only save clients’ time, but I also give them exactly what they need to succeed in business.

I strongly believe that students must not study books and manuals that don’t add value to their business and personal interests. This may sound obvious, but too many training institutes still apply a “one fit for all” solution. I also believe that students must avoid learning from teachers who don’t have a combined English language background with suitable business expertise, as this would lead to learning what the industry doesn’t demand.

I and my selected education partners are senior business professionals with advanced international degrees and successful track records at famous institutions such as IBM, Ericsson, King’s College London, The University of Birmingham and consulting firms such as TietoEnator, Deloitte and Semcon. This means that our students get proven concepts and ideas that are used by some of the most successful and reputable institutions world-wide.  

By having taught English and Business for several years, at the university, at language centers, and by having taught business subjects at multinationals, I found below activities extremely useful to students’ learning curve. These activities also ensure the acquisition of critical 21st skills such as: creativity, communication skills, problem solving, analytical thinking and collaboration skills with teamwork exercises. Text/topic shall be applied to meet students’ special needs.

  • Gap fill
  • Matching of statements  
  • Arrange the words in the right sequence
  • Arrange sentences in the right sequence
  • Brainstorming
  • The roundabout game
  • Prepare and make a presentation
  • Interviewing
  • A theatre play with predefined roles
  • Hangman
  • Puzzle, crosswords
  • Play the monopoly
  • Drilling and reading together  
  • Solve a business problem; the McKinsey way, the IBM way
  • True, false, not given statements
  • Multiple choice questions

I wish you best of success with our business courses and business English training. We provide training in following modules: Public speaking; business strategy planning and marketing; starting and growing an international business; project management and daily English. Contact us today to get 2 free sessions and a free consultation concerning your needs and education plans. 2111ad325@gmail.com

Published by Anthony Eric

Teacher and gospel preacher. Far east Asia is my home. I'm originally from north west Europe and with a Greek heritage. I graduated in the UK with an MBA in international business. Following 15 years in the corporate world, I'm at present lecturing at the university in far east Asia, and I'm writing books. I'm in the education and realization phase concerning the salvation, and ever lasting life. Jesus Christ is returning soon. Get ready. Spread the gospel. Repent today and change your attitudes, hearts, and minds and do the will of our father in heaven. Follow my charity project on bit.ly/mae-charity

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