1.54 million crimes in Sweden in 2019

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On the 19th of Jan, 2020, Swedish newspaper ‘Sydsvenskan’, wrote that 1.54 million crimes were reported in Sweden in 2019. 1.54 million is a BIG problem. It’s costly in terms of keeping jails, courts and cops busy and it makes citizens insecure. Where is the society going?

A result of peaking crime is that people avoid talking with strangers and instead prefer to stay in well-known groups, while avoiding making new friends. Another result of peaking criminality is that people become suspicious if you approach someone with a smile; someone you never met before, with the purpose of making new friends. Finally, increasing criminality encourages people not to help strangers. The society is jumping out of the cliff, without a parachute and we distant ourselves like never before.

When you ask the elderly what their biggest happiness was in life, they tell you: relationships. Making new friends, and getting in touch with warm, kind and gentle people become harder in a society where people are suspicious to one and another and afraid to open up and connect with the unknown.  At the same time, loneliness is a big problem in nations like Sweden. People feel lonely and need true and genuine love, consideration and appreciation. It’s time to turn to Christ for divine support.

What is the solution to a society controlled by evil spirits? More jails? Tougher laws? More cops on the streets? While cops are needed at the same time as laws need to be modified to meet new problems, I believe we need to look each individual in the eyes and start with spiritual healing. It may sound like a cliche in 2020, but when crimes are on the rise, and when people suffer from anxiety, stress, and psychological trauma, it’s time to reach out to the holy Bible for long lasting healing.

I’ve heard about people staying in prison who turned their life around and became advocates for a better society with the support of Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God, and the only way to eternal life. Criminals shall be given the opportunity to read the Bible, to pray and to understand more about this life and the next life, the latter is eternal, in hell or heaven, depending on our deeds here on earth. And a place in hell is a place in darkness, surrounded by the burning lake of fire, worms, snakes, Satan and evil powers. Never take the risk to enter hell by ignoring the Bible.

Pastor David Lynn on YouTube and Torch of Christ ministry are examples of men with a criminal background that turned their life around thanks to the holy Bible. Let us give criminals a second chance in the society, and don’t distant yourself from them. Let them get to know Jesus Christ and we will likely see a society with more love, respect, consideration and caring which is the right way to go in 2020 in my view.

Find David Lynn, Torch of Christ and more links here

Notice: The ideas written in this article are my own, and do not necessary represent the ideas of the newspaper “Sydsvenskan”.

God bless you !

Written by Anthony Eric (Antonios Papadimitriou)

University Lecturer, Cocporate Trainer & Author

Written 19 January 2020. Copyright (C) All rights reserved.

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