Your smartphone is your dumbphone

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Smartphones bring some benefits to our lives such as to get quick access to information anywhere, anytime, and to get accurate directions. Smartphones help us to reply and send emails on the go, and we are able to talk with friends for free, anywhere in the world. However, the drawbacks shall not be ignored.

Many of my university students are coming to the class completely exhausted because they play video games and chat all night long, and their test study results are impacted negatively.

When students lag at school they get stressed and worried, and anxiety may soon lead to sick leave and in worse case, suicide attempts.

One of the most important factors for effective learning in the 21st century is to conduct productive in-class activities including pair work and group assignments. However, when classmates are exhausted, this impact peers’ ability to learn and grow. The bad effects of a smartphone cause a knock-on effect that shall not be ignored.

Acquaintances of mine complain about neck pain and weakened eyesight as a result of checking the phones, some 20-50 times per day. It seems that the smartphone has become a drug because people ‘must’ check the phone as soon as they get a few minutes left to rest.

People are stuck watching the phone while walking and the risk of road accidents increase.

Phone geeks use the smartphone to upload selfies and boost their ego while others get a nerve breakdown when seeing friends getting married or succeeding in life and in business.

People use smartphones for easy calculations and not as a brain trainer. Simple calculations are executed by the smartphone which makes the brain less trained, and less alert. Stop calculating ‘87-25’ on the phone! Let your brain work! Download brain trainer apps and use your smartphone to improve your mental and physical health!

We suddenly stopped talking to each other and instead prefer chatting on the phone all day long, but are we getting happier with hundreds of contacts on our phone in a culture where swiping left and right is part and parcel of the social fabric, and are we really finding genuine and long lasting relations om the phone?

What is going on with the society in the 21st century? Is this the life we want to live? Do we want computers to take over our lives? We shouldn’t!

My tips to you is to uninstall unnecessary APPS and give yourself time to relax by shutting down your smartphone and instead use a simplified mobile for urgent calls. Delete contacts you don’t really need, and stay in touch with just a handful people of your choice. Make sure you don’t have instant connection to the Internet. I have a smartphone but without instant Internet connection. It can only be used where Wi-Fi is available.

You don’t have to answer chats and emails instantly, on the go, and keep in mind, you are not the president of America to always stay updated.

Browsing photos and writing comments on online posts do not fulfil your life but it sucks a lot of time.

What are your experiences using smartphones? Share them with us !

Published 03 Feb 2020 by:

Anthony Eric (Antonios Papadimitriou)

MBA International Business

University Lecturer, Corporate Trainer & Author

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