Reduce impacts on climate change; make less purchases; change your lifestyle

Learn what you can do to save the environment.
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Quality of life in China. Reasons of living in China. Pros and cons. Expat thoughts.

Learn about the pros and cons of living in China.
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Getting an MBA: It’s hard times and costly; is it worth the efforts?

Are you seeking a career boost and an edge over competition? Learn what an MBA can do for your career.
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Don’t hire only PhD:s and professors to teach at the university

Learn about why universities much change their attitude when hiring 21st century teachers.
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Don’t apply for a job online. It’s a complete waste of time and here is the reason.

Understand why you shouldn’t apply for a job online.
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Your smartphone is your dumbphone

Read about the pros and cons using a smartphone. Tags: smartphones making us antisocial, are smartphones making us lazy thinkers, smartphones make us dumb, effects of smartphones, effects of smartphones in our lives, negative effects of smartphones

Useful links for university students

Below are links I found useful in my career. Read and share! Links to prepare for tests Cambridge Business English IELTS GRE GMAT Qualification guidance King’s College London

AI – artificial intelligence; is it harming more than doing good?

Learn about the pros and cons with AI Artificial intelligence. Tags:
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1.54 million crimes in Sweden in 2019

1.54 million crimes in Sweden in 2019
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