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How to increase sales on Amazon

Below article is used as basis for business English discussions in one of my classes, and it summarizes key points for anyone who seeks increased sales on Amazon.


I’m Antonios Papadimitriou (Anthony Eric) and I offer corporate training and education consultation services in far east Asia (Saigon, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xiamen).

My clients work with me because they want a senior and qualified north west European; a professional who is ‘walking the business talk’; someone who has successfully been in business for over 15 years, and who knows how to create engaging and practical classroom activities.

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Social media

If you want to successfully deal with foreign clients; start popular foreign social media accounts such as: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Online tools such as Hootsuite and help you to schedule customer messages and to analyse what people are saying about you online. It is advised that you send 2-3 social media messages per day; choose a time when your target audience is online and understand what channels your target audience prefer. And make sure to reply on customer inquiries and comments that can protect and enhance your brand, and that can help you to get more customers. Adding quality videos on YouTube is another popular way to get customers online. You may want to hire a social media freelancer on or similar site; find a talent who handles client communication, blog writing and marketing messages for you.

Product quality

Whatever you sell online; if your products are frequently returned and if they have unacceptable qualities, client reviews will impact your reputation negatively. Make sure to visit the manufacturer from time to time and investigate the product quality. Out of 1000 produced items, you would want to check 10-20% of the production, regularly.

Increase your online visibility

This can be done by working with brand ambassadors, top site owners; people with popular websites and sites with millions of monthly hits. Get a better visibility by writing relevant blogs that your target market wants to read, and produce attractive and fun online videos.

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Think about this before signing a shareholder agreement

Don’t get into the trap of getting bad deals; consider below tips for a better shareholder agreement

As part of my work as education specialist, founder and business negotiator, I am talking with recognized law firms at times when critical agreements have to be made with shareholders, suppliers and customers.

This blog introduces basic tips to consider before signing a shareholder agreement. The topic is of an importance because loopholes in agreements may lead to law suits, bankruptcy or a substantial personal financial loss. You don’t want that to happen!

19 tips for a watertight shareholder agreement

  1. In a private contract between shareholders; what if:
  • One of the shareholders want to leave the corporation? You may want to decide to  offer the shares to other shareholders first, before going public.
  • Shareholders receive an offer to sell the corporation? All shareholders may have to agree, or major shareholders have to agree. Make this clear in your contract.

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How top business professionals stand-out

Originally published: April 20, 2018

Having trained approximately 500 professionals and students last 12 months in topics such as management communication, public speaking and project management, I got to understand what makes a top candidate.

Below findings highlight 11 typical signs of highly successful students and business professionals:

1. They are driven, and often run a business such as online merchandising.

2. They maintain a positive attitude and a positive mentality in good and tough moments.

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E-commerce trends in 2018

Originally published: February 18, 2018

If you haven’t met me yet, I live and work in Saigon in the fields of professional writing, education advisory, lecturing, people development, and corporate training. Low cost, warm and tasty South East Asia fits me perfectly well, and I can easily network with digital “smarties” and high tech geeks, at the same time as the lifestyle and opportunities are just so different here compared with many other parts of the world right now.


This article sheds some light on hot e-commerce trends in 2018 and I hope this writing can help you develop your business with more satisfied customers. Don’t forget to add me on social media as I am a big fan of communicating with my followers and fans and share ideas and experiences.

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Recruitment challenges & what to do

Originally posted. January 03, 2018, Saigon

I have had several strategic human resource meetings with directors, HR managers and unit heads of different industries, sectors, and corporate sizes, when talking about how to deal with recruitment and people challenges and how to get the right candidates on-board in less time – and how to keep them in business for a considerable amount of time.

Below publication is my second longer HR article, which is preceded by my earlier post about HR trends in 2018. Feel free to post your comments and share this article with your network. I am happy to hear your views and I wonder: How do you find strong candidates in less time and how do you keep them?

Recruitment challenge 1: Candidates select offers among various recruiters of different HR firms, and many candidates have multiple job offers.

– Solution: Make the interview a better experience

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HR Trends 2018

Originally posted: December 28, 2017

As you can see from my recent activities on social media, my core interest includes people development and HR strategic leadership. My career last 15 years covers roles such as recruiter, people/business developer, business strategic planner and project manager.

Notice: I would never move to south east Asia, from Europe, if it wasn’t for my passion of people development, business strategy, leadership and the Asian culture. Having said that, I also frequently meet business leaders and HR directors to talk about their needs/problems and potential solutions.

Below article highlights HR trends in 2018 with information taken from 20 directors who I spoke with recently, besides, secondary research including, ProQuest,, and

First of all, in a very competitive landscape, where businesses are popping up (and dying) faster than ever before; what do you think is critical for competitive advantage and to stand out from competition? Why do you think Intel corporation traditionally has had a bigger market share than AMD although the latter offers products at lower prices and at a high standard? Why do you think Gillette continues to lead the market although there are plenty of similar products at lower prices with similar quality? The answer is often found in extreme marketing and sales skills, state-of-the-art R&D (research and development) and a very strong brand created over a long period of time. And what is behind the success? Human brain power and talents. It is much more difficult to duplicate human talents (skills and knowledge), compared with a product; strategic human resource management is therefore critical for business success.

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How to become a top insurance adviser

Originally written: December 01, 2017

During my business career last 13 years I have been fortunate to work in different industries (higher education, insurance, finance, IT, telecom), and in different job functions such as: manager, trainer, consultant, recruiter, and adviser at European, Asian and American multinationals and SMEs. I have acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills which I bring with me in my actual role of education specialist and consultant.

Below article provides my tactics of becoming a top selling insurance. I became a top selling adviser at one of north Europe’s most respected insurance and asset management firm: Swedish insurance enterprise ‘Folksam’. I had no previous experience selling insurance products but still managed to become one of the best sellers in the country in 2014. This topic is vital because a lot of insurance advisers/sellers fail to meet client expectations, and sales targets leading to a damaged brand image, loss of revenues and high employee turnover.

One key issue for many insurance and financial sellers is that they don’t listen to the clients, and the seller/adviser often lack adequate product knowledge in order to be able to run in-dept discussions about policies, claims, benefits, and long term risks.

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