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How to increase sales on Amazon

Below article is used as basis for business English discussions in one of my classes, and it summarizes key points for anyone who seeks increased sales on Amazon.


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Social media

If you want to successfully deal with foreign clients; start popular foreign social media accounts such as: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Online tools such as Hootsuite and help you to schedule customer messages and to analyse what people are saying about you online. It is advised that you send 2-3 social media messages per day; choose a time when your target audience is online and understand what channels your target audience prefer. And make sure to reply on customer inquiries and comments that can protect and enhance your brand, and that can help you to get more customers. Adding quality videos on YouTube is another popular way to get customers online. You may want to hire a social media freelancer on or similar site; find a talent who handles client communication, blog writing and marketing messages for you.

Product quality

Whatever you sell online; if your products are frequently returned and if they have unacceptable qualities, client reviews will impact your reputation negatively. Make sure to visit the manufacturer from time to time and investigate the product quality. Out of 1000 produced items, you would want to check 10-20% of the production, regularly.

Increase your online visibility

This can be done by working with brand ambassadors, top site owners; people with popular websites and sites with millions of monthly hits. Get a better visibility by writing relevant blogs that your target market wants to read, and produce attractive and fun online videos.

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Top 3 tips for prospective MBA students

How do you work effectively in MBA teams?

How do you write an MBA assignment for top marks?

How do you conduct a professional MBA presentation on a UK standard?

Read below to get the answers.

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1. How do you prepare a highly professional presentation? What elements are included? How about the structure?

Key elements include: agenda, background, introduction, main body, conclusion, recommendations, questions and answers, appendix, references, and contact details. The front page shall also be professional with a good looking photo, nice heading and eye-catching description that answers on these questions: What is this seminar about? Why should we attend? Who is the speaker? 

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4 top reasons why you should consider 1-to-1 tutoring

–LEARN FROM THE MASTER. You make role plays directly with the teacher, and, you have conversations 100% of your time with the teacher. You learn from the master, and not from your same level (or lower level) classmates.

–YOUR PROGRESS MATTERS. Your teacher focuses 100% on your needs, progress and weaknesses. This means tailored material and personalised tasks to help you learn more in less time.

–HIGHER MOTIVATION. You avoid topics that are not in your interest and you save time learning what you need to meet your career goals.

–FLEXIBILITY. It is often possible to have training late evenings or early on weekends when most learning centers are closed, and it is often possible to learn in your home which saves time.

–COMPETITION. The job market is getting extremely competitive and it is getting harder to enrol on top university programs and to get top paying jobs. Private tutoring by an industry professional gives you the skills that are needed on the job market to succeed.

How to check the qualities of your private tutor:

–Ask to see his/her CV, written references and university transcripts last 10-15 years.

–Has he/she been working at multinationals (European/American global firms)?

–Did he/she finish recognized universities with top marks?

–Does he/she have dual university degrees or more?

–Has he/she been living, working and studying in more than 3 countries?

–Does he speak at least 3 languages fluently?

Tips: If you want to become a top performing talent you should seek a talent as your private tutor.

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Education trends in the 21st century

Teachers role

In the 20th century, one of the most important roles for the teacher was to provide knowledge and content; knowledge was mostly a hidden “commodity” merely found in printed books and in the mind of the teacher. However, in the 21st century, knowledge is available online with easy access, and with new advanced technology, the opportunities and requirements of learning has changed drastically. Students often feel overwhelmed by information and they experience an increased pressure to perform outstanding in every single moment of their studies. Therefore, a teacher’s job is not primarily to hold and distribute knowledge but also, to focus on facilitation, motivation, as well as to monitor and manage students’ learning and development. Another important task for teachers is to set goals with students, and to serve as role model by showing industry success stories, and to counsel and guide learners for better decision making.

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Child Development, Childhood Education

Child Development and Early Childhood Education

Written by: Donna M. Pelepchan, MBA, MHA, 30 years of teaching experience
Release date: November 30, 2018, Hong Kong
Published by: Anthony Eric (Founder & CEO @

Address different learning styles

As an experienced teacher and Dean of Early Childhood Education and Global Languages at an international School in Shenzhen, I believe in addressing different learning styles within the assigned curriculum.  This allows for individuality in the learning process and reinforces the learning concepts so that each and every student gets the most out of the program.  In today’s academic environment with the advances in technology, it is quite easy to prepare lessons that address auditory, visual, and tactile learning. With an intensive English immersion program, it is also important to assess all the children early in the term to determine what their level of the English language is. This informal assessment allows the instructor to simplify the lesson and custom fit the curriculum to all levels of children in the class. While there may be a big gap in comprehension and language skills initially, as the year goes on this gap closes rather quickly.

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Curriculum change in the 21st century

Education thoughts by director and senior professional trainer: Anthony Eric

Written: 15 November 2018, Hong Kong.

I see the same phenomena day in and day out; education institutions that apply the same course material for a majority of the students, and because these institutions primarily care about excess profits, they don’t want to pay for top notch teachers that can give students an edge over competition. It is a factory model that worked in the past, especially before the era of the Internet, when access to knowledge and information was hard. In the old days, people received top pay checks, depending on where they obtained their skills and education and what they knew, and it was easier to get a job in the first place. But with today’s Internet, were information, forums, and online courses enable people to grow in knowledge anytime, anywhere, it is not enough to offer a “one fit for all” solution because students do not stand-out on the global job market in this way. I read a report recently by Marc Prensky and he implies that 21st century institutions need to change their curriculum radically, and I agree completely.

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Learn English Effectively & Quickly

Prepared: 17 September 2018.

Place: Hong Kong

This is a student guide about how to learn English quickly and effectively. This article has been prepared by Anthony Eric and is aimed at mature students or, anyone who seek a successful career.

First and foremost; to make massive progress requires massive intensity and efforts. You don’t win 100m hurdles by exercising, 1 hour, 3 times per week. Everyday is a must. Show commitment. Get determination. Have fun at the same time. Passion for English is required in order to maintain energy and determination, but how do you get passion? One way is through engaging and well planned classes, and by getting continuous feedback from skilled and experienced teachers. Another way is to set personal goals and and a future vision. Remember that strong English open doors in many parts of the developed world. Strong English skills enable global online studies, and to get a job in global corporations with better working conditions and higher salaries. Why not working in Singapore or the USA after your graduation? Internet is packed with online training, and online jobs should this be of an interest. Why not starting to date a foreign prince/princess and get life happiness through long lasting love? Strong English skills make your life happier and more rewarding. But you need to put required efforts to make it happen.

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