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21 essentials for leadership success in the education business

During my time as K12 teacher, university lecturer and education adviser, I was fortunate to get into exciting discussions with very experienced deans, senior teachers and school directors about what makes a qualified educational leader.

With this blog, I wanted to share these insights to help you and your network to better manage educational institutions. Many of below leadership elements are applicable in other industries, and not only in the business of education.

  1. Assess the capacity of teachers. How do you assess the capacity of your teachers? What is the quality of applied lessons plans? How motivated are your teachers? What methods and criteria were used when hiring your teachers? feedback in terms of just saying “I heard something from a parent about you”, will not create confidence or motivation. Feedback must be objective, clear, realistic and justified.

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11 essential actions for project management success

Last 15 years of my career include management of multiple projects from A-Z including but not limited to: recruitment, communication management, negotiations, conflict management, risk management, budgeting, execution, and C-level executive management.

Throughout discussions with senior project managers, and project management officers, I received additional inputs to help you understand how to manage better projects. I am also the author of the e-book “project management success”; it is available on amazon (kindle) for download. -> TO AMAZON

Why are projects failing to deliver with success?

Projects can fail when there is a mismatch between sales management, and, project managements’ ambitions and goals. Sellers promise unrealistic deliveries to get the deal, and the sales bonuses being one example. Projects can also fail when there is a wrong project management aptitude of candidates who got promoted as a ‘gesture of goodwill’ for serving in the firm for a very long time. Very often, I also got to understand that communication is a key issue, besides critical leadership dimensions (EQ, IQ, MQ). Important people were not informed timely, or, decisions were made while excluding key stakeholders. Unrealistic promises are very common, which sets expectations on different levels, hence, leading to project failure. Many more reasons can be added to why projects fail to deliver and above factors are just touching the surface, but they are still seen as very common causes for project failure.

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10 tips of how to overcome the fear of a public speech; Get presentation success!

The fear of conducting a public speech is larger than the fear of death. How do you execute a success speech?

Conducting a success speech is crucial when seeking to win new customers, or, when seeking to get a critical decision by higher authorities. Below blog sheds some light into what needs to be done to make this happen!

This is my own experience; I was very nervous and not confident at all when speaking in public after my first university graduation in 2004 . I did not know how to conduct a professional public speech, and, what to do, to overcome my former fear. But by doing research, and by teaching public speaking, and by conducting dozens of public speeches, I got used with being on stage and I learned the perks of making a professional public speech / presentation.

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Vietnam: the educational system & children’s future with statistics by Unicef

Originally posted: June 18, 2017

Below facts support the immediate need of providing funds, facilitates and qualified teachers to help young people to get a safer, happier and more productive future. Please spend a few minutes and familiar yourself with below article and feel free to contact me at any time.

Hard facts

  • Only primary education has been free; secondary education is not free which negatively impacts families with low income or no jobs.
  • Figure 2.3 in Report (1) by UNICEF shows high out-of-school figures of minorities and disabled people in Vietnam.
  • Although the government supports the so called certified poor families with fee exemptions and allowances, the quality of the curricula and school system needs to be improved to meet industry demand.
  • My experience states that new school facilities are required and the sizes of classes needs to be reduced to allow for effective and efficient learning.
  • Graph 2.4 in Report (1) by UNICEF shows that less students attend secondary school compared with primary school in Vietnam. There is a big difference of migrants and non-migrants as well as disabled, partly disabled and non-disabled kids in terms of school dropouts, according to the graph.
  • 17.65% (289,646) of kids aged 14 do not attend secondary school according to graph 2.10 in Report (1) by UNICEF. 573,00 kids are not attending secondary school in rural areas according to table 2.10 of the same report.

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