Project Management

Do you need help to secure your project objectives?

I’m a certified PRINCE2 project management professional & I’v gained 5 years experiences running small and medium sized projects, in the telecom and education business.

I’m also the author of the e-book project management success; this certifies my competence and understanding of how to successfully plan, execute and monitor small and mid sized projects for satisfying results.

You typically want to hire our services if you seek a driven project manager with a strong business acumen, and the know-how of dealing with people at all levels and from all walks of life.

Project management is not about knowing everything of a product or service; it is about knowing how to build and sustain a committed team that brings the insights and efforts you need to deliver on-time.

Way of working

Depending on the nature of the project I normally work in following way:

  1. Start-up meeting; get to know the decision makers
  2. Understand clients’ objectives, and goals
  3. Discuss previous obstacles and reasons for occurrence
  4. Interview staff members to gauge needs, issues and plans
  5. Staff members usually include: engineers, designers, team leaders, project managers, PMO, line managers and product owner.
  6. Agree tools and techniques to be used for a particular project
  7. Investigate available and needed resources (man resources and non-man resources)
  8. Agree a business case with a light project plan
  9. Develop a communication plan and complete a stakeholder mapping exercise
  10. Develop and agree a project plan with a toll gate meeting for hand-shake and project execution

I also help larger projects (+300 team members) with PMO support and head project management coordination.

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