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Curriculum change in the 21st century

Education thoughts by director and senior professional trainer: Anthony Eric

Written: 15 November 2018, Hong Kong.

I see the same phenomena day in and day out; education institutions that apply the same course material for a majority of the students, and because these institutions primarily care about excess profits, they don’t want to pay for top notch teachers that can give students an edge over competition. It is a factory model that worked in the past, especially before the era of the Internet, when access to knowledge and information was hard. In the old days, people received top pay checks, depending on where they obtained their skills and education and what they knew, and it was easier to get a job in the first place. But with today’s Internet, were information, forums, and online courses enable people to grow in knowledge anytime, anywhere, it is not enough to offer a “one fit for all” solution because students do not stand-out on the global job market in this way. I read a report recently by Marc Prensky and he implies that 21st century institutions need to change their curriculum radically, and I agree completely.

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