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Child Development, Childhood Education

Child Development and Early Childhood Education

Written by: Donna M. Pelepchan, MBA, MHA, 30 years of teaching experience
Release date: November 30, 2018, Hong Kong
Published by: Anthony Eric (Founder & CEO @ peopledevelopmentltd.com)

Address different learning styles

As an experienced teacher and Dean of Early Childhood Education and Global Languages at an international School in Shenzhen, I believe in addressing different learning styles within the assigned curriculum.  This allows for individuality in the learning process and reinforces the learning concepts so that each and every student gets the most out of the program.  In today’s academic environment with the advances in technology, it is quite easy to prepare lessons that address auditory, visual, and tactile learning. With an intensive English immersion program, it is also important to assess all the children early in the term to determine what their level of the English language is. This informal assessment allows the instructor to simplify the lesson and custom fit the curriculum to all levels of children in the class. While there may be a big gap in comprehension and language skills initially, as the year goes on this gap closes rather quickly.

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