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Learn English Effectively & Quickly

Prepared: 17 September 2018.

Place: Hong Kong

This is a student guide about how to learn English quickly and effectively. This article has been prepared by Anthony Eric and is aimed at mature students or, anyone who seek a successful career.

First and foremost; to make massive progress requires massive intensity and efforts. You don’t win 100m hurdles by exercising, 1 hour, 3 times per week. Everyday is a must. Show commitment. Get determination. Have fun at the same time. Passion for English is required in order to maintain energy and determination, but how do you get passion? One way is through engaging and well planned classes, and by getting continuous feedback from skilled and experienced teachers. Another way is to set personal goals and and a future vision. Remember that strong English open doors in many parts of the developed world. Strong English skills enable global online studies, and to get a job in global corporations with better working conditions and higher salaries. Why not working in Singapore or the USA after your graduation? Internet is packed with online training, and online jobs should this be of an interest. Why not starting to date a foreign prince/princess and get life happiness through long lasting love? Strong English skills make your life happier and more rewarding. But you need to put required efforts to make it happen.

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