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How to increase sales on Amazon

Below article is used as basis for business English discussions in one of my classes, and it summarizes key points for anyone who seeks increased sales on Amazon.


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Social media

If you want to successfully deal with foreign clients; start popular foreign social media accounts such as: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Online tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer.com help you to schedule customer messages and to analyse what people are saying about you online. It is advised that you send 2-3 social media messages per day; choose a time when your target audience is online and understand what channels your target audience prefer. And make sure to reply on customer inquiries and comments that can protect and enhance your brand, and that can help you to get more customers. Adding quality videos on YouTube is another popular way to get customers online. You may want to hire a social media freelancer on www.upworks.com or similar site; find a talent who handles client communication, blog writing and marketing messages for you.

Product quality

Whatever you sell online; if your products are frequently returned and if they have unacceptable qualities, client reviews will impact your reputation negatively. Make sure to visit the manufacturer from time to time and investigate the product quality. Out of 1000 produced items, you would want to check 10-20% of the production, regularly.

Increase your online visibility

This can be done by working with brand ambassadors, top site owners; people with popular websites and sites with millions of monthly hits. Get a better visibility by writing relevant blogs that your target market wants to read, and produce attractive and fun online videos.

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