Academic Testimonials

I was Anthony’ Eric’s* teacher on the Maths program at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. He scored extremely high on all my courses, and I remember his clever questions and his ability so solve complex mathematical problems. I recommend him to future employers. Good luck Anthony. / Armin Halilovic, PhD Mathematics, lecturer, KTH Sweden

I was supervising Anthony Eric on his MBA thesis, and I was extremely happy to see his approach in dealing with complex business problems. He also linked up with professors and he was awarded bursary by Ericsson for his masterpiece. If you want someone with a high level of enthusiasm, and advanced insights of planning projects, and solving organisational strategic problems, Anthony is the right person to talk with. / Paul Forrester, former MBA program director, Birmingham Business School, UK.

I was supervising Anthony Eric’ at King’s College London in 2010, and it was obvious he has talents in communication, and how to research and present solutions on various business related assignments. He scored A on the business diploma program at King’s, and this together with his precious work as class representative, make me recommend him for future work in the field of management and leadership. / Tracey Costley, lecturer, University of Essex, UK.

*notice: Anthony Eric’s complete name is Antonios Papadimitriou


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Teacher and gospel preacher. Far east Asia is my home. I'm originally from north west Europe and with a Greek heritage. I graduated in the UK with an MBA in international business. Following 15 years in the corporate world, I'm at present lecturing at the university in far east Asia, and I'm writing books. I'm in the education and realization phase concerning the salvation, and ever lasting life. Jesus Christ is returning soon. Get ready. Spread the gospel. Repent today and change your attitudes, hearts, and minds and do the will of our father in heaven. Follow my charity project on