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I read Anthony’s book: Project Management Success and it is a masterpiece in many aspects. Anthony Eric* linked up with some recognized professors, and his book was endorsed by an international corporation. This book shall be read by anyone who wants to learn more about leadership and project management.

-Paul Forrester, former MBA director, Birmingham Business School, UK

I was contacted by Anthony Eric* when he planned his MBA thesis. I was convinced to join his project in the role of adviser and idea generator, and I helped him to translate a psychological leadership test that I and my colleague Victor Dulewicz have developed, covering 280 questions of leadership qualities. Anthony’s work covered more than 150 pages, and it sheds light into the field of how project management success is correlated with critical leadership dimensions including IQ, EQ, MQ. Anyone with an interest in management and business should definitely read this book.

-Malcom Higgs, HRM Professor, Southampton University.


*notice: Anthony Eric’s complete name is Antonios Papadimitriou