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My warmest recommendation for Mr Anthony Eric* (Antonios Papadimitriou): He is a wonderful teacher. He taught me high level of advanced business knowledge, and with big enthusiasm. He listens to me and he customizes business classes for me. During the 12 sessions of his MBA class, the training opened a new door for me.  It helped me to understand the concept of: “Five Forces Frame”, “PESTEL framework”, “SWOT analysis”, “Talent Management” “Boston Matrix”; such important and professional but difficult words. Meanwhile, Anthony offered fantastic real business cases which impressed on me tremendously. Reality was combined with academic theory which gave me new perspective of analyzing, evaluating businesses from the inside and the outside, and how to look at the world.

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高清培 William Gao, Regional sales manager, Yealink, Xiamen, 24 years old man.

Hi, my name is Tran Nam Anh and I’m a graphic designer from Vietnam. I met Anthony about nearly 2 years ago through a recommendation. He changed my mind and he made me a better person, much better than I could ever imagine was possible. With his enthusiasm, knowledge and his positive energy he motivated me to achieve my dreams. I see myself as an ordinary person, I just go to work everyday and I am thinking about how to become a man and to know how to do it and what to do in my life. By meeting Anthony Eric* (Antonios Papadimitriou), I came out from my safety zone, I decided to take massive actions and study more, and I now have a great job in a big company named Spring production. Besides this work, I study on the Masters’ program of applied arts and I will finish the program early next year. I can recommend Anthony Eric to any future student and employer. Contact me if you have more questions. / Tran Nam Anh, 2019, Saigon.

This is my first time to taken foreign classes, I am very glad to meet Anthony Eric*, he taught me a lot in oral English, I was nervous at first, with a lack of confidence, he encouraged me and praised me, and he was always patient with me. He is a professional teacher, although my classes are over, I will remember this valuable experience forever.

-Yang tingting (Grace). English student, Cabin crew, Shandong Airlines, 2019

I think Anthony Eric’s* classes are helpful.He always attaches adequate importance to the interactions and collaborations with students and applies himself to demonstrating the knowledge more clearly using some well- detailed notes which impressed me deeply since the dedicated spirit is so admirable.

-Whitney Wang, English student, Xiamen, China, 2019

student reference

Above picture is a reference from an undergraduate student at the National University of Vietnam, department IEI, concerning the module: “public speaking” which was managed by university lecturer Anthony Eric*, 2018

I got career advice and interviewing tips by Anthony Eric*. He offers a lot of valuable advice because of his long and diverse history in business. It motivated me to think in new ways that I did not consider before. I have also joined his English classes and I like them a lot. He is not only teaching plain English but he includes a lot of practical scenarios from the business world with real life exercises that give me much more than just an English class. You should definitely try his training courses.

-Liu Yanjie (Dena). English student, Cabin crew, Shandong Airlines, 2019

I like 2 teachers where I study right now, and Anthony Eric* is one of them. His classes are just so different and he is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. It is obvious he has 14 years experiences from a variety of industries and positions world-wide. I can highly recommend him.

-Rain (Wang Lei), English student, Trade Manager, Xinhanghai, Xiamen, China, 2019

As your old student, I want to thank you for teaching me how to become a more fluent speaker. I was very nervous when speaking in front of people. After studying public speaking with Mr Anthony Eric*. I learned how to create a speech about many topics (society, health, etc), and I learned how to reduce the anxiety and be more confident. I learned one of the most important things when giving a speech which is: “eye contact” and interaction with audience, which help people to concentrate more on my speech. Now I can do presentation in front of the class without being nervous. Thank you so much Mr Anthony Eric*.

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Lin Da Nguyen Bao, undergraduate student, IEI National University, Vietnam, 2018

It was great to meet you Anthony Eric, and you are a creative and patient teacher. The first time I was in your class, I felt it was very different from other teachers’ classes. You brought the business world to the classroom and your well planned tutorials gave us a chance to improve our English skills and soft skills useful for future careers.

-Jenny Chang, English student, Xiamen, China, 2019

I like Anthony Eric’s classes. They are interactive and they cover plenty of collaborative, creative and communicative activities. I learn a lot in his classes; not only English but also topics from the business world with soft skills training.

-Ellen Xu, English student, Xiamen, China, 2019

When I joined Anthony Eric’s English classes I saw a very different teacher on the first day. He clearly knows what each student needs to succeed privately as well as in business. With his MBA (UK) and engineering background and with 14 years in business he gives much more than just an English class. I can highly recommend business and communication training provided by Anthony Eric.

-Matthew, Sales Manager, Communication and English student, ABB, China, 2018

I love Anthony Eric’s classes. His teaching is very professional and it comes with a lot of business and presentation skills. Many students who are managers enjoy his classes very much. Comparing with other teachers, the students I spoke with prefer to study with Anthony Eric.

-Ms Summer, English student, Xiamen, China, 2018

I am glad to have met Anthony Eric*, he is really a professional teacher. I have attended his upper level English & Business classes, and I really learned a lot including essential business presentation skills. It is worth to try Anthony’s classes! Looking forward to meeting him again.

-Jane Wang, Product Specialist at Yama Ribbons and English student, Xiamen, China, 2018